The future of learning
starts with the student at the




Students are offered an education in a comfortable and secure environment. It is paced at their learning speed and personal growth. They will never feel left behind. Education is personalized to suite their needs. They will lead their own journey, while maintaining a healthy relationship with their peers. The Digital School is safe and secure environment for all students.


Securing education is the top priority for the Digital school. It offers a safe educational environment. Students will be offered the best learning opportunities, taking them through an educational journey throughout their student lives. Once they are finished, they will be offered governmental certification allowing them to go further in life.

Facilitators &


Our facilitators and teachers are highly skilled, highly qualified to guide student towards successful outcomes. With students learning at their own pace, their mentors will provide them with counseling based on their varying needs. They are committed to empowering students to learn, and maximizing their engagement with their schoolwork.

Where We



  • Certified by the government of the country the student is a resident of.
  • The content is self-paced


During any stage in the students' educational level, they are offered an officially recognized certificate by the government of their residence. They are ensured that they can move to a traditional school, or a university after they leave the Digital School.